Wednesday Education – January 31, 2018

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Room: Utopia CD – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Perennials from Spring to Fall
Stephanie Cohen, Author and Speaker
With thousands of perennials to choose from, the task can be overwhelming for landscape professionals. Join Stephanie, the “Perennial Diva”, as she shares perennial garden basics, sequential color through the year, perennial bed maintenance, incorporating color with more than just flowers and her top ten tried and true perennials. You’ll walk away with tips to give your client the color they want, within their budget.

Room: Nirvana – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Talking Trends and the Plants that Go With Them!
Jeff Gibson, Ball Horticultural Company; Seth Reed, GrowIt!; Mason Day, GrowIt!
Mason Day and Seth Reed of GrowIt! team up with Jeff Gibson of Ball Horticultural Company to fill you in on what’s happening in the consumer landscape. Listen to the GrowIt! guys serve up insightful data on the latest trends, while Jeff talks about the specific plants that fill those trendy needs. The one-two punch you need this spring.

Room: Utopia AB
Influencing Company Culture
Anne Mino, RedBud, LLC; Vanessa Mueller, Johnson’s Nursery, Inc.
Recent surveys have found that 68% of workers are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. Disengagement is impacting your bottom line and customer service negatively. In this workshop, attendees will define the nature of that impact and suggest affordable ways to make positive changes in the culture of your organization thus creating a better company culture from within.

Room: Euphoria – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Outdoor Living Trends
Joe Rabione, Belgard
Joe will discuss current design trends in the ever expanding category of outdoor living. He will discuss its universal appeal and reasons for why this is, as well as how millennials are driving the movement toward clean modern lines and textures. Attendees will learn how outdoor living has become an expectation for consumers, and how the features such as fire pits, fire places, outdoor kitchens, showers, and even hanging beds, are reshaping how consumers integrate their indoor spaces with their outdoor environments.

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

Room: Utopia AB
Employee Triage:  An Integrated View of Recruitment, Retention, and Removal
Steven Cesare, Speaker
All too often, managers view these three key employee functions independently rather than as a rhythmic composite.  This presentation shares value-added procedures for adopting a cohesive people plan that takes into consideration: encouraging bad employees to leave a company, constantly soliciting the influx of new employees, and developing valid mechanisms to keep their highly-talented employees engaged, fulfilled, and retained.

Room: Utopia CD – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Sustainable Landscapes: Specifications and Custom Growing
Grace Koehler, Andy Stahr, Pizzo Nursery
This session will focus on aligning the specification process with the production schedules of native plants. Most aren’t aware that some native species can take years for them to be ready, while others are often readily available. Attendees will learn how to write specs that match up with native plant availability, size of plants and overall timing for successful native projects.

Room: Euphoria – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Hardscape Restoration – What Is It and How to be Profitable Performing It
Jay Krech, SEK Surebond
Hardscape Restoration is a relatively new service that contractors can offer their customers. This revenue stream is highly profitable and easy to implement, that any contractor can capitalize on. There’s a business in hardscape restoration, and we’ll discuss all aspects of it including sales & marketing, bidding, lead generation, and proper equipment selection. We’ll also demonstrate cleaning, sanding and sealing of hardscapes.

Room: Nirvana – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Plants with Style: A Plantsman’s Choice for a 21st Century Garden
Kelly Norris, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden
Gardeners need chic, sustainable, thriving plants for modern lifestyles. Plants after all are the very essence of fashionable gardening. In this spirited, provocative lecture, 20-something plantsman Kelly Norris calls for a garden revolution: out with boring plants and in with stylish alternatives that captivate and enthrall. A passionate horticulturist and lifelong gardener, Kelly is the ideal guide to the botanical riches available to today’s gardeners. Let Plants with Style guide you to the plants that will provide a richer, more fulfilling connection between humans and landscapes.

2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Room: Utopia CD – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects and Arborists
New and Emerging Insect and Disease Problems
Stephanie Adams, The Morton Arboretum
This presentation will introduce and give updates on different insect and disease problems seen in the landscape, as well as some “on the horizon” pests and diseases. Field diagnostic techniques and management suggestions will also be covered. Some of the topics will include: white pine blister rust, viburnum leaf beetle, fireblight, thousand cankers of black walnut, emerald ash borer, spruce needle casts, oak galls, bacterial leaf scorch, bur oak blight, brown marmorated stink bug, and more.

Room: Utopia AB
Three Key Principles to Create More Profit, More Free Time, and Organically Grow a Great Company
Domenic Chiarella, 7 of 7 BEST Business and Life Strategies, LLC
Creating a documentation process is imperative within any growing organization. Few of us remember everything we fail to write down… and having staff amplifies that by a number too difficult (and scary) to contemplate. Creating an easy to understand, easy to implement, streamlined documentation process that everyone in your organization can follow, will give companies more profits and more free time.

Room: Nirvana – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Sixteen Together
Roy Diblik, Northwind Perennial Farm
Sixteen plants have changed Roy Diblik’s life forever. Actually, the life changing moment was not just these sixteen plants, but how these plants work as members of the garden community. Let Roy introduce you to his sixteen friends and hear about how these friends work together to make the garden more than the sum of its individual parts.

Room: Euphoria – Approved for 1.5 CEUs for Landscape Architects
Permeable Pavement – Have No Fear!
Jennifer Schaff, County Materials Corporation
Permeable pavement is porour urban surface which catches precipitation and surface runoff, storing it in the stone reservoir and providing an opportunity to infiltrate into the soil below. This presentation will address how to properly install PICP, the current research on maintenance, what works and how frequently it’s needed. Attendees will also learn how PICP performs in the northern winter climates, highlighting project installations in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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